A prolific restaurateur, Priyank Sukhija has been successful in bringing a wave of innovation in the restaurant industry. Born in a family of lawyers, he became the only businessman in the family, he opened the fine-dining restaurant Lazeez Affaire at Malcha Marg. The success of Lazeez Affaire prompted him to take Delhi's existing culinary experience and transform it into something no one could foresee.

After conquering Delhi's nightlife scenario with brands like Lord of The Drinks, Tamasha, and The Flying Saucer. Priyank has now moved to Mumbai to attain triumph and after the successful conquest by Tamasha Mumbai and Lord of The Drinks, Andheri, the zealous restauranteur came up with JLWA.

JLWA is a commemoration of Euro Indie cuisine. An all-day bar and kitchen, JLWA is a melting pot of local and rich flavours from varied regions of our motherland. The entrees are characterized by flavors curated utilizing unique combinations that showcase a kaleidoscope of Indian ingredients. The spread is tastefully done up with suspended aerial lights across the venue with interiors in the regal hues of blue, green and gold.

The bar set up against a shimmery golden backdrop, a sight to behold, while the mixologists blend special versions of traditional concoctions for you. The whole idea behind JLWA has been to bring innovation and freshness to how Mumbaikars party. The place is a beautiful diner throughout the day, just right to relish a delectable luncheon and by the time sun goes down, this place is all about glamour and parties.




Our corporate chef, Jehangir, or as we lovingly call him, "JJ" has a knack for the daring dish. With his years of experience working in kitchens overseas and even on cruises, he brings that something different.
JJ's culinary talent can be seen in a very unique menu curated by him and his team of chefs for JLWA.

Jehangir Jamula


Being a chef, Chef Roshan has always been an explorer & a lover of flavour & taste. Travelling to the most exotic places, working in different nations and cooking various cuisines has made him gain an edge over others. Global influences, local ingredients and modern techniques is the trinity of his culinary skills.

Roshan Seth



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